Group Capabilities

Our expertise is enriched by the global reach and know-how of Doosan Group with its extensive range of industrial and consumer solutions.

Group Capabilities

Our combined engineering know-how from years of innovation in the field of power generation has enabled us to create centres of excellence for boilers, turbines and carbon capture.

Our strength also benefits from close synergies with our parent company, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction, a part of the Doosan group an organisation which has 38,000 employees and turnover in excess of £12bn.

Your energy production requirements gain much from the in-depth technical knowledge developed by ourselves and delivered by our parent company in many programmes across the world.

Across Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction there is the capacity for all types of casting, forging and fabrication for nuclear and thermal power generation facilities, and for desalination and environmental plants.

Together, our collective engineering procurement and construction expertise gives you the broadest range of superior solutions.

Doosan Group engineering capabilities

Heavy engineering
Castings and forgings,
Nuclear power plants
Thermal power plants
HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generator)
Water desalination plants
Environmental plants
Material handling systems

Power Generation

Power Plants
Power Generation Equipment
Retrofits & Upgrades


Seawater Desalination Plants
Water Treatment Systems

Castings & Forgings

Power Generation Components
Marine Vessel Components
Iron & Steel Making Components
Mold & Tool Steel
Petrochemical/ Industrial Components


Civil Engineering

Material Handling Equipment

Container Handling Cranes
Bulk Material Handling Systems
Various Special Cranes

Green Energy

Wind Power
Fuel Cells
Superconducting Generator/Motor
USC (Ultra Super Critical- efficient boiler technology)
IGCC (Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle
PCC (Post Carbon Capture)
Oxy Fuel

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