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    | Doosan Power Systems

    Doosan Skoda Power wins order in Kazakhstan

    Doosan Škoda Power recently won an order with Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction to deliver two identical 56MW steam turbines, including a generator, accessories and transmission for the Karabatan petrochemical complex project in Kazakhstan. This contract is for the steam-gas unit of the Karabatan petrochemical complex with a total output of 310 MW located in the Atyrau province north of the Caspian Sea in a special economic zone.

    Within this zone, the extensive petrochemical complex is being constructed with desalting units for the purpose of processing saltwater into fresh water. The entire steam-gas unit is designed to produce electricity primarily intended for this purpose, with residual power distributed into the public mains. The end investor of the construction project is the Kazakh Company, Integrated Petrochemical Complex (IPC) of Karabatan.

    The MTD30 industrial condensing turbines being delivered are based on a well-established single-body design. For this particular project, Doosan Skoda Power is considering the development of an axial outlet into the air condenser with a steam take-off into regeneration. The final handover of the completed steam-gas unit is scheduled for the beginning of 2018.

    Kazakhstan and the surrounding countries of central Asia present an excellent market opportunity for Doosan Skoda Power and the plan is to have a total of 23 GW worth of similar power plants constructed in the region by 2020. This project could be key to acquiring further orders in central Asia for Doosan Skoda Power.

    Doosan Skoda Power wins order in Kazakhstan Doosan Skoda Power wins order in Kazakhstan