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    | Doosan Power Systems

    Doosan Babcock gains Scottish Engineering President’s Award for Outstanding Achievement

    Doosan Babcock was presented the Scottish Engineering President’s Award for Outstanding Achievement by journalist and broadcaster, Jeremy Paxman, at the 150th Anniversary Awards Dinner in Glasgow on 21st May.

    Doosan Babcock’s success has left a positive mark on Scotland’s industry, environment and local communities. – from streamlining industrial processes and cleaning up power generation through cutting edge engineering technology, to helping local communities via volunteering activities and the hosting of a food bank at the company’s Renfrew site.,

    Doosan Babcock’s programme of activity has included taking steps to get more young people into engineering. Through a range of apprenticeship and graduate programmes, the company has continued to close the country’s engineering skills gap and encourage women to consider a long term career in the industry. In November 2014, Renfrew-based apprentice CAD Technologist, Suzanne Birney, was crowned Apprentice of the Year 2014 by the Institute of Mechanical Engineers – one of many awards gained by Doosan Babcock’s young talent.

    Doosan Babcock’s CSR programme has also seen significant contributions made across Scotland and countries around the world. 2014 saw the inaugural Doosan Day of Community Service (DDCS), when hundreds of staff rallied round in support of their local communities. This continued in 2015, when the second DDCS took place. As part of this, Doosan Babcock formed a partnership with Renfrewshire Food Bank, providing a new permanent headquarters for the organisation free of charge in a warehouse on their premises. And around the world, 10,000 employees across 16 countries undertook activities in their local communities such as supporting environmental projects and helping the disadvantaged.

    Alongside this, Doosan Babcock has both led and contributed to significant projects up and down the country, including a £25m contract to build a new Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) facility at the GSK Montrose site in Angus, Scotland. On completion, this new facility will produce active ingredients for three of GSK’s new medicines for the management of respiratory conditions such as asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. GSK’s existing Montrose operations currently cater for over 20 million patients every day.

    Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Hunt, said: “2014 was a memorable year for Doosan Babcock, characterised by a renewed focus on the development of our people and the way we work within our local communities. Among my personal highlights was the inaugural Doosan Day of Community Service, when hundreds of our staff got actively involved in their local communities. We also continued to welcome high-calibre young talent into the organisation through our graduate and apprenticeship programmes, securing the pipeline of technical and leadership skills that are vital to building a sustainable future. We hope to continue making positive contributions to the energy and engineering industry in Scotland, as well as making a positive difference to the communities we operate in.”

    Doosan Babcock gains Scottish Engineering President’s Award for Outstanding Achievement Doosan Babcock gains Scottish Engineering President’s Award for Outstanding Achievement