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    | Doosan Power Systems

    Doosan Škoda Power expands its EPC capability

    Doosan Škoda Power recently secured the company’s first EPC supplier contract, for the restoration of a damaged 190MW engine room at the Meghnaghat steam and gas power plant in Bangladesh. The project, which is being managed by the company’s Service/Retrofits and Modernisation Division, includes the delivery and reconstruction of the engine room following a fire at the plant last year.

    The realisation of the project began in February 2015 based on a preliminary agreement, and June saw the culmination of nearly a year of intensive work to acquire this order. To secure the project, Doosan Skoda Power successfully demonstrated their capabilities across numerous stakeholders, including the plant's Malaysian owner and operator, Powertek and their team of Indian engineers, and a group of insurers, led by AIG, who are financing the restoration.

    The EPC contract is Doosan Škoda Power’s first project with Powertek and will involve the complete inspection and repair of engine room accessories, including the turbo set base, electrical installations and other localised equipment. It also includes the supply and commissioning of a new 190MW turbine and generator from Japanese manufacturer, Fuji. The project will also require close cooperation with suppliers from around the world, including India, Singapore and Malaysia.

    Securing the Meghnaghat project marks a triumphant return to the Bangladesh energy market for Doosan Skoda Power providing a tremendous boost for the company’s profile in the region. The project also demonstrates their capabilities as an EPC supplier while reaffirming their position as an industry leader in the technically demanding retrofit market.

    Doosan Škoda Power expands its EPC capability Doosan Škoda Power expands its EPC capability