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    | Doosan Power Systems

    Polimex Energetyka and Doosan Lentjes to deliver turnkey FGD plan for PGE GiEK

    Polimex Energetyka and Doosan Lentjes, consortium of companies, were awarded a contract with PGE GiEK Zespół Elektrowni Dolna Odra for the construction of a flue-gas desulphurisation plant. The contract is valued at PLN 97 million and will use the semi-dry method together with the dry ash distribution plant for two Benson OP 206 boilers in Elektrownia Pomorzany.

    The contract involves the turnkey construction including design, manufacturing, delivery, plant, start-up, optimization and commissioning of the complete modern flue gas desulphurisation plant. It will apply the semi-dry technology using calcium sorbent as well as complete modern dry ash removal plant for two Benson type boilers with the nominal gas flow of approximately 270 thousand Nm3/h each and nominal production of dry ash in the amount of about 4.5 t/h, coal-fired.

    “We are proud to once again work on such an important investment that will significantly reduce the negative impact of harmful SOx emission affecting our environment. This way we contribute in the fight clean air for Szczecin. Together with our technology partner, our clients were offered the most advanced solutions in the field of environmental protection systems. Our investment will enable Elektrownia Pomorzany to maintain the production capacity within strict and very demanding European emission standards and cause a significant reduction of the ecological footprint in the Western Pomeranian Province. Over the past few years, together with our partners, we have delivered plants reducing harmful emissions of NOx or SOx for, among others, Elektrownia Kozienice, Zakład PKN Orlen in Płock and EC Siekierki - said Mirosław Skowron, CEO of Polimex Energetyka.

    "This is another success of our company on the Polish market within the implementation of modern energy technologies. Thanks to the technology used by Doosan Lentjes we will build the flue gas desulphurisation plant for BENSON boilers blocks A and B behind the existing electrostatic precipitators that will enable the operation of the boilers as required by the Polish law and ensure the reduction of pollutants in flue gases to meet the requirements in line with the proposed BREF document for large combustion plants." - said Mariusz Marciniak, Director for Central and Eastern Europe in Doosan.

    Polimex Energetyka belongs to the Polimex-Mostostal Group. Polimex Energetyka offers comprehensive implementation of energy projects, both, as a general contractor of the investment and in syndicated arrangements with other entities, including technology providers. Polimex Energetyka executes contracts for the largest Polish companies operating in the field of energy.

    Doosan Lentjes, part of Doosan Group, is a global leader in the field of circulating fluidized bed (CFB) boilers, energy generated from waste technology as well as modern and environmentally friendly technology for flue gas cleaning. The experience of Doosan Lentjes with regard to flue gas desulphurisation plants (FGD) includes more than 100 wet flue gas desulfurization plants and more than 50 CFB dry desulphurisation plants executed all over the world.

    Polimex Energetyka and Doosan Lentjes to deliver turnkey FGD plan for PGE GiEK Polimex Energetyka and Doosan Lentjes to deliver turnkey FGD plan for PGE GiEK