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From humble beginnings to the global leader it is today, Doosan has always had a vision for the future.

Foundation (1859~1928)

  • 1859, Škoda engineering workshop founded

  • 1891, Babcock & Wilcox established

  • 1928, Ferdinand Lentjes founds boiler manufacturing company

Business Establishment (2004~2005)

  • 2004, ŠKODA ENERGO becomes Škoda Power

  • 2005, Lentjes GmbH formed

Expansion and Growth (2006~2013)

  • 2006, Mitsui Babcock acquired by Doosan to become Doosan Babcock

  • 2009, Doosan acquires Škoda Power

  • 2011, Doosan Power Systems established, comprising of Doosan Škoda Power and Doosan Babcock

  • 2011, Doosan acquires Lentjes GmbH

  • 2013, Doosan Global Boiler & Turbine R&D Centres established

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We aspire to become a Proud Global Doosan - a leading innovator of products and services that improve the quality of life for people and communities around the world.

Our Strategy


Doosan’s Our Strategy is based on the principle of “2G” - Growth of Business by Growth of People. 2G is a virtuous circle where people drive the business growth, which in turn provides our people the opportunity for advancement. Doosan believes that sustained success can only come through people.

Global Network

Global Network

Find out how Doosan Power Systems is creating innovation and changes around the world.

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